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This liquidation process is only available to solvent companies. Directors choose this liquidation option as it includes healthy tax benefits for the shareholder funds during distribution. The end of a solvent company is typically down to either; retirement, the family business has run its course, shareholders want to pull out their investment, or restructuring reasons.

Our fees for a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation start at £2,000 + vat + disbursements which is an extremely competitive price regarding this process.

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Service Fees
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation from £2,500 fully inclusive
Members’ Voluntary Liquidation from £2,000 + vat
Compulsory Liquidation from £2,500 fully inclusive
No Asset Liquidation from £2,500 fully inclusive
Company Voluntary Arrangement from £2,000 fully inclusive
Start Afresh from £3,500 fully inclusive

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